Guidelines to Reviewers

  1. After the website is functioning properly respected authors will send their full paper(s) to my attention and I will send it/them to the respective reviewers for blind peer-review taking into consideration the quality of the paper, the number of words, whether the abstract is focused on the subject-matter, that it fits the journal properly and that it is in line with the Guidelines for Authors in order for the journal to have a good impact factor worldwide.
  2. Reviewers must record all papers submitted to them for their personal record and have 2 good weeks to assess a paper with track changes and respected authors have 10 clear days to amend their article(s) and resubmit same without the track changes.
  3. Reviewers are neither responsible nor liable for mistakes, bad English or other grammatical mistakes. They must inform respected authors to proofread their full papers before they send them.
  4. All reviewers are fully committed to the journal in terms of confidentiality, ethics, good governance and mutual collaboration.
  5. Reviewers send their blind refereed articles to the Editor-in-Chief who will referee them to be in line of a proper double blind peer review journal to maintain the standard of the journal.
  6. Editor-in-Chief will then send all accepted blind peer review articles to the Secretariat of the journal who will compile them for publication but a rough copy is sent to all members of the Editorial Board for their views prior to printing.
  7. Hard copies of same are then available on the market with its ISBN with a soft copy of the abstracts on the website…
  8. Respected authors, whose article(s) has/have been selected, receives two hard copies of the journal.
  9. The journal is published twice a year.